A Review Of Google Nexus 5 In Competition With Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

images (48)After the launch of Nexus 5 it has been selling like a hot cake. Before the launch of Nexus 5 Samsung Galaxy Grand was one of the best-selling smartphones. The key behind its success was the pricing as it came in a range where Samsung does not have any other decent device. Nexus 5 became a popular choice as it came from Google and would be running its latest software. Samsung introduced a successor to Samsung Galaxy Grand with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. This smartphone is being rivaled to Nexus 5. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the new competitor to Nexus 5.

Comparing displays

Both Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Nexus 5 have features which closely resemble each other. Nexus 5 comes with a 5 inch full HD screen with 1920x1080p resolution. The brightness of the screen allows the users to make use of the phone in all lighting conditions. The sound of the phone is very clear. it is a powerful device which offers a great experience for listening to music or watching videos. Playing games on the Nexus 5 is a great experience. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 comes with a 5.25 inch screen which has a pixel density of 280 ppi. Maximum resolution of the screen is 720×1280 pixels. Watching videos ion this hone is not as much fun as on Nexus 5.

Samsung outdoes Nexus

Nexus 5 has a good battery life. You can attain one of the best phone specifications if you opt for this phone. This Google phone allows 10 hours of calling, 7 hours of web surfing and 3 hours of 3D gaming. The phone is a strong competitor to the other devices in the market. Battery life of Samsung Grand 2 is better than that of Nexus 5. It offers 17 hours of talk time in the 3G network.

Specifications about the camera

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has received mixed responses from the customers. The phone comes with a camera which has 8MP and offers a resolution of 3264X2448 pixels. The performance of the camera has not been appreciated by the new buyers. The Samsung smartphone comes with a 1.9 MP camera in the front which enables video conferencing. On the other hand the camera on Google Nexus 5 will allow you to take photographs which are rich in color. It is beyond belief that such a small camera can produce such high quality videos.

An overview

Google Nexus 5 comes with a stylish and sleek design. It has been designed by keeping the requirements of users in mind. The Nexus 5 is a great phone for money. After the launch of Samsung Grand 2 experts feel that it lags behind from most of its competitors. However it is a decent smartphone for users who are on the lookout of a device with dual smartphone. If you are interested in using apps which are related to business and lifestyle you can opt or this Samsung smartphone.

images (67)Making a choice

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. Before you buy a smartphone you must compare the features and prices. Ascertain your budget and buy a phone which you can afford. Read the customer reviews to know more about the features and specifications. Choice of the smartphone should depend on your personal preference. Select a phone which meets your requirements and easily fits your budget. You can maximize the function of the phone by buying right accessories. Among Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Nexus 5 the later emerges as a winner. It offers superior features and specifications which promise a great experience to the users.

Author Bio: Michael Mcgee is a gadget buff who is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. He wants to buy Nexus 5 India which is a popular smartphone. After reading the reviews he is convinced that it is a good device.


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