Android Mobile Application – the need of the Next Generation

UntitledMobile devices are an essential part of today’s lifestyle. Nobody even steps out without carrying a mobile device with them. Mobile devices has become a medium for being in touch with family and friends, for entertainment and nowadays even for shopping. Mobile technology is booming day by day. Google’s Linux based operating system called Android has proved to be a boon for mobile advancement due to its amazing features along with affordability over other mobile operating systems. It has taken the adoption of mobile technology to another level which has improved the quality of life for mobile users tremendously. Android is an open source platform for mobile application. It is most actively developing platform which empowers millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries and continues to grow. It proved to be a world class platform for creating mobile application
and games.

As smart phones are the future of mobile as going forth smart phone features will become the de facto standard for almost all devices. Android supported smart phones or mobile devices include most of the Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Web search, Google Drive which are all pre-installed and is also the default web page for the Web browser that comes with OS, which is in most cases the Chrome Mobile browser (though some devices has the stock Android browser as well). It has more than 300 hardware, software and carrier partners which make it a constant developing technology by bringing new capabilities and usability for developers and end users.

Android’s Open platform makes it the most favourite technology for developers. One can download Software development Kit (SDK) for free and can easily develop android based applications, making it the most popular and easy to use platform. The Android Developer Tools offer a full Java IDE with advanced features to help the developers in developing, debugging, and packaging Android based applications. It enables you to develop on any available Android device or create virtual devices that emulate any hardware configuration. It has rich multimedia capability and is very easy to conduct.

Google Play Store or also as the Play Store is an open marketplace for applications for android based mobile devices, which exposes you to millions of users who can browse and download your applications. You can publish your application for free or put a price on it. You can decide upon the type of customers you wish to reach out through your applications. Once your application has gained popularity Google will place it in top charts or the list of most downloaded or most popular apps. Android also supports open market places for distributing them among users. With approx. 1.5 billion downloads in a month it has become most powerful and famous technology.

2Android Mobile application is indeed the best mobile platform for Inter-Application integration. It is already a favourite platform for mobile manufacturers and even Nokia has launched its own flavour of android on its phones. Carving for new and different will definitely make it grow and surely it is far away from its saturation point.  It certainly blows away a lot of competition in terms of the freedom it provides to the developers in terms of allowing applications to run as background processes, which is how it is able to create a variety of app and utilities.

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