Full Power in 30 Seconds – The New Generation of Smartphone Technology

With smartphone battery life falling under constant criticism as the repertoire of features and screen displays get bigger and bigger, a new prototype is set to revolutionise how we charge our phones for good!

The StoreDot charger has been in development for some time and according to the university spin off that created it, the prototype can fully charge a Samsung Galaxy phone in just under 30 seconds. Nowadays smartphone users all over the world are continuously searching for ways to boost battery life in between charges, from downloading battery saving apps to getting creative with the customisable settings of the handset, but StoreDot promises to charge in no time at all and in part solve the dilemma blighting many gadget enthusiasts.


Low charge time, higher price?

The charger has been in development for some time and is set to hit the stores in around three years’ time, but will this supercharger command a high price? Unbelievably the charger will cost as little as $30, making it an affordable and advantageous accessory for smartphone users around the world.

Behind StoreDot’s technology

The StoreDot charger uses the organic compounds already found in the lithium-ion batteries powering our handsets to reach full charge. The charger uses nanodots, a bio-organic compound of conductive crystals that enables fast charging on a variety of smartphone models.

The device is currently the size of a laptop charger, so much bigger than a standard smartphone charger, however, its appearance is set to undergo a transformation in the coming years before its release. The finished product will therefore be the size of a standard charger providing the perfect transition for any smartphone user.

Creativity in technology

This innovative technology was developed by the Nanotechnology experts at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and was proudly unveiled to the world at the recent Think Next Conference, a prestigious event run by technology giants Microsoft.

The Think Next event celebrates creativity throughout the technology world, and the 30 second StoreDot charger took pride of place in the list of ground-breaking developments unveiled by independent and large scale developers.

As well as grabbing the attention of Microsoft, the innovation has also been credited by The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch, who drilled the CEO and co-founder of StoreDot, Dr Doron Myersdorf on the introduction of the charger to the wider smartphone market. In the coming years, developers will evolve the technology with various materials to ensure the 30 second charging time can be extended to a wide range of devices.

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