How Businesses Benefit from Virtualisation Management

One of the most effective ways to reduce business costs and improve overall efficiency is by using virtual machines for your business services. Here are just a few ways for you to use virtualisation management that you might not already be aware of.


Maintaining Your Systems

It is fully possible to clone your old systems over to a virtual system. Unlike updating software, the cost is minimal and by installing your current software over to the virtual system you will be able to run your systems on many different machines without the expensive costs involved. It’s quick and painless and you don’t need to be an expert in IT to access your systems. This is ideal for all sorts of applications such as your current payroll or accounting packages.

Consolidating Your Servers

Using multiple servers takes up a lot of energy. You might have a set up that includes your firewall, a database server, file server and perhaps an exchange server and a radius server, that’s a lot of servers! Think about all the energy it takes to keep these servers running. Consolidating all of these different servers into a vmware virtualisation system provided by Axonex Ltd will reduce running costs so it will pay for itself.

Recovering Your Data

Archived backups are often a problem for businesses that don’t use virtualisation. Old files, media and software can sometimes be difficult to access, especially when the software is no longer accessible. The best solution is to use virtual machines that support such media.

It is possible to support all of your old hardware on modern systems too. This eliminates the need to try to source old drivers that are no longer available for the new operating systems that are currently available or released in the future. You’ll be able to continue working on your old equipment until the time comes to update to a newer model.

Protecting Your Data

With virtualisation you’re able to recover files and protect your in-house mail and your web server quickly. If you are a victim of a virus, system crash or hacking, the data will be made available as soon as you need it. There will be limited time delays so you’re able to continue providing your services and keeping your customers happy, as if nothing even happened.

VM virtualisation and Microsoft virtualisation technologies can be tailored to your specific needs, so you never pay for more than you require. As your business expands, the option of increasing your services is always there, so your set up will grow with you.  Strengthen the efficiency of your IT, work faster, and reduce your costs using the cloud.

Before you investigate virtualisation further for your own business, look for a provider that is able to deliver what you need. Choose accredited partners so you’re able to use the best set up that your company needs. Speak to your IT manager and discuss the benefits of using a modern system so you’re able to continue to compete and benefit from the best options available.

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