Planning your social media strategy on a global scale

Building a digital international social media campaign is now an essential part of customer service and marketing in the modern business landscape as enterprises need to communicate and engage with people across the globe on a daily basis. For a growing business, social media provides a cost-effective means to broadening reach, improving brand image and meeting the needs of customers via channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Billions of people use these platforms every day so you must take advantage of them to thrive and prosper in the digital age.


The first aspect to focus on for an international strategy is language and localisation. While English is a spoken language in many countries, it is best to run a social media campaign in native languages to produce the best content, posts and customer service for target markets. Research by the European Union shows that eight out of ten shoppers are unlikely to purchase a product or service without details and information in their native tongue. Emerging markets and future global giants such as India and China offer huge, lucrative potential to brands so marketers must attempt to use native speakers to embrace new markets.

Thinking global and acting local should be the plan for international marketers. MD of Kuwait Real Estate investment Consortium, Fahad Al Rajaan has effectively used multiple languages to succeed in the business world while Kuwait is among the growing economies that should be targeted by international marketers.

Language barrier

In order to break down the language barrier and provide mass market appeal in regions across the globe, enterprises can work with international search marketing specialists to help them communicate better with local customers. This will enable you to get a better overview of localisation, presentation and regulation issues in a particular country or market. It is important to remember that colours, icons and graphics can have a different meaning in regions such as Asia and Africa so make sure to take this into account when setting up your social media profiles and designing pages. This also extends to regulations, so make sure you have research advertising protocols extensively before launching your promotional materials and campaigns.

Domestic markets

While English is the official language in the United States, brands should consider targeting speakers of other languages such as Spanish. A social media strategy that takes into account demographics, age and gender is best placed to succeed. More importantly, many businesses are still failing to take advantage of the potential to appeal to customers in other languages. This means it will be easier to use social media content to boost your search engine rankings on Google and Bing in Chinese or Portuguese, for example and advertising will cost less too. It will also improve your image as it shows that you care about engaging with non-English speakers on a personal level.

Marketers that identify and appeal to customers in new regions are gaining a competitive edge so do everything you can to build a social media campaign that speaks to a range of cultures and languages speakers worldwide.

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