Questions Your Visitors Ask When Landing On Your Page

Summary: A website remains a piece of stale digital business card if it does not encourage visitor interaction. To improve visitor engagement, a website needs to give them the information they are seeking, within seconds.

A professional web design Warrington team can generate an impressive search engine ranking for your website to attract traffic. But, unless you get your visitors to stay on your website, you cannot make prospects and customers of them.

Whether or not audiences decide to stay on your website and take the next step depends on how fast you are able to answer their following questions:

What is Your Business About?

Tell your visitors about your products or services. Communication should be clear and brief. One approach is using banners highlighting your products or services.

A professional web design Warrington team uses design elements such as colours, fonts, and text size, strategically, to convey main points in a way that the message is immediately noticed and easily digested.

How Do You Benefit Me?

Tell how your products or services can make your customers’ lives comfortable? If you have more than one set of target customers, a drop-down menu, or individual icons for each set, on the home page could be viable options. A one-liner highlighting the benefit for each set of audience, can make the menu even more click-worthy.

Get creative with your web design Warrington team to come up with workable ideas.

Why Should I Choose Your Brand?

Why should consumers choose you over your competitors? Tell them how your products or services will solve their existing problems better. Include all the advantages they’ll be able to experience, including lower costs, longer warranty period, free on-site service, or others, as applicable.

How Are You More Trustworthy?

If your visitors have waited long enough to ask this question, hold onto them by telling them why they can trust you. Include testimonials of satisfied clients. Using customer photos and locations adds more credibility than just having a faceless name.

Use text, images, videos, live tweets and messages, for your testimonial page. Highlight some on the homepage to deliver a glance for visitors.

A specialist web design Warrington team can help you find optimal ways of presenting your testimonials to make maximum impact on visitors.

Where do I go from Here?

Ignoring a call-to-action can make you lose invaluable conversion opportunities. Include a contact number, or other call-to-action, that is readily visible to visitors. Do not expect visitors to scroll down to find your contact details or call to action.

While the above questions may seem simple and obvious, many business owners overlook the importance of answering these basic questions on the home page of their website. Get the help of an experienced web design Warrington service to design a website that answers visitor questions within a span of seconds, and influences them to stay, engage and interact.

With a design team having over 50 years of combined experience, Blue Whale Media specialises in websites that cater to the needs of both your business and audience. Many small and medium business owners have achieved websites with impressive conversion rates with us as their design partners. Trust us to deliver websites that perform to their best potential.

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