Selling More with Humor

Establishing an online business has been one of the most popular ways of earning an income nowadays. This becomes easy for someone in this decade since it only involves a few clicks of a button. People would have to build their websites and organize their platforms first. The advertising and marketing phase would then follow.

There are different ways for an entrepreneur to market his brand online. With the advancement of technology, he has a wide range of options to choose from. He can hire an advertising agency online. He can also make his own advertisement and put it in other websites. One way of helping advertisements to be more effective is through humor. Funny advertisements are said to get and hold attention longer than those with a serious tone. They are also effective since they make people remember the brand. Humor is deemed to be the foundation of a positive relationship. If a person has already associated humor with a certain product, it entails him to have a positive attraction towards the product or service. This would then increase the chances of preference towards that brand.

Internet business sales tend to boost with funny ads. This does not seem to be a problem since anyone can make his own advertisement. To create a funny one, here are a few guidelines:

Find the appropriate tone

This is when a person gets to decide on the level of humor he would like to express. He might choose a light joke or an extreme one. He could also choose to use either sarcasm, bragging, or fluffs to make a joke.

Find the right style

A funny advertisement can come in different forms. It can be in animated short films, in musical clips, or in simple text. It can also be in the form of a punchline or of an image. Finding the right style for an advertisement would depend on its effectivity and on one’s creativity.

Come up with a headline

If an advertisement includes a headline, it is best to think of an attractive one. The headline needs to be something that would make other people look twice. It should also stand out so that people will remember the brand. Most importantly, it needs to relate and symbolize the products. There is no point of having an interesting headline when it does not achieve its purpose.

Avoid being rude or arrogant

To make the advertisement effective, it is a must not to make it look offensive. A rude advertisement eventually discourages probable customers and even gets the business banned from posting any more advertisements. Also, bragging in an advertisement is not advised. Bragging could simply do more harm than good.

Tell a true story

There is nothing better than telling an honest, funny, true story. If the product line is related to a real-life experience, such advertisement can be expressed in an article, excerpt, or short story. This does not only advertise but also gives an uplifting insight to the viewers.

Check how it sounds

Before publishing anything, it is important to check how the joke or funny ad sounds to other people. What is funny to one person may not be to another. With this, a person can evaluate his advertisement and make appropriate changes.

Making funny ads may backfire. Not everyone would understand the joke or even find it funny. However, this should not stop anyone from making funny ads. Remember that it has always been humor which sells more.

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