Social Networks with Friends

What is social networking?

The social networks are groups that are grouped by similar or identical interests. The concept of social networks stems from the collection of the different sciences. In business is the social network for informal grouping of people with similar interests in order to gain an advantage over the other. In sociology mainly described as connecting to a network of friends known. The focus is on social interaction between group members. In computing, the term encompasses social network especially for Web services and interest groups.

Differences between real and virtual social networks!

The biggest difference between social networks is to occur. On one side are social networks like those described in business administration or sociology, on the other social networks are as defined as the branch of computer science. Building a social network, it is actually a long process that requires much effort, since this is virtual, but with the ease of use and the continued availability of the internet can be achieved much more quickly ..

What do we mean by social game?

A social game is an online game in which, in addition to play, you can meet people and make friends. Through social networking applications like Facebook, users can share their expertise with others, for example when leveling up. It also allows us to show our friends our highest score and compare with other players and challenge them to overcome.

The success of social games

The social games such as facebook casino games have gained wide acceptance among users in recent years. On the one hand, their success is because they are simple games that do not require a commitment by the user, and can be played in short breaks and free time. On the other hand, being able to compete, they can be helped by friends and to share successes, is a great incentive for users to invite their network of friends to participate.

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