Why Choose SEO for Marketing Your Small Business?

Here’s an amusing thought experiment:

Imagine if every potential customer you’re trying to target with your marketing campaign had a list of the most reliable providers of certain products and services. Whenever the need arises, they could simply take a glance into that list and choose a name that seems most trustworthy and authoritative.

But wait, isn’t this how Google works?

For every business-related keyword that customers use while googling potential solutions for their needs and pain points, there is a search engine results page (SERP) that enlists viable brands both locally and globally. The problem is – most Google users rarely if ever at all, go beyond their first SERP.

If your SMB website isn’t there, they’ll never know you exist.

Unless, of course, you use SEO as a marketing technique.

What Is SEO, Exactly?


In the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock for this past decade, search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing practice that aims to maximize your visibility in Google SERPs. Using a number of tools and tricks, SEO tries to nudge Google into ranking your website as high as organically possible.

Until eventually, you hit one of the first positions on SEPRs.

The idea, of course, is to make your website impossible to resist. Once it’s SEO-friendly enough to satisfy the ranking criteria established by Google, your website starts to attract more and more visitors, which additionally boosts its authority and, by extension, your brand’s credibility. Sounds great, right?

Initially designed to trick Google’s algorithm, SEO has come a long way from a simple ranking hack. Today, when the world’s most popular search engine can no longer be tricked, SEO has turned into a complex marketing philosophy that consistently tracks both Google’s crawlers and users’ behaviors.

Why SMBs Need SEO?

Let’s say you’re launching a hotel in Australia.

We need a specific geographical example because SEO works both locally and globally, and we’ve chosen Australia because any entrepreneur would be smart to take their business ideas there. Nevertheless, this example can be applied to all other time zones, continents and states in the world.

So, when running a fresh new Australia-based business, you need a powerful marketing technique to put you on the map and help you stand out from the competition. Since these are the digital times, your options are limited to digital measures, which excludes billboards, pamphlets, as well as TV ads.

You’re left with a handful of choices, the most effective of which are social media marketing and paid ads. The first option won’t exactly put you on the map, as social media marketing works only for SMBs that have already established a name for themselves, a name that most customers are familiar with.

As for paid ads, well, that depends on your budget.

Given the fact that you’ve just started a new business, it’s a thin chance this second option will be viable. Though they are effective, paid ads can be very expensive. You might run out of business before your paid ad campaign yields any significant results. This renders this marketing option unsustainable.

Fortunately, this is where SEO comes to the rescue.

How SEO Helps SMBs?


After your fictional hotel business from Australia contacts, say, reliable SEO Brisbane professionals, the options are finally limitless. Depending on your special needs, requirements, and marketing goals, these professionals will custom-tailor the most effective approach to both Google and social media.

You might have heard of content marketing too since we’ve already established that you’ve been living in Australia instead of under a rock. Social media and especially content are both integral parts of modern-day SEO, which often employs a multi-channel approach to optimizing your online visibility.

SEO improves your website’s rankability by optimizing all those elements that Google considers to be useful for providing the best possible user experience. This includes keywords and content, but also URLs and meta tags, as well as actual on-site UX. Then, it links your site to other respectable domains.

Finally, it optimizes your Australia-based business for local searches.

By doing this, SEO boosts your website’s credibility.


So the next time a potential customer googles your business, be that a hotel in Australia or an online-based software developer that delivers globally, your website will hopefully be the first thing they see. SEO will thus help you grow your SMB with a significant increase in ROI instead of unnecessary costs.

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