A Beginners View of How to Optimize a Website

Anyone who has a website will at the very least be aware of the existence of search engine optimization or SEO. However, that doesn’t mean you genuinely understand it, nor that you know exactly how to use it. While it would be impossible to explain it all in a short article (this is why professional SEO companies exist, after all), it is important to have at least a grasp of the basics.


What Is SEO?

First of all, SEO is the process used to make sure a website is more visible in the search engines. Rankings, also known as SERPs (search engine results pages) increase depending on various factors, but mainly ‘organic’ results. This is why you will often hear about organic SEO. Organic means that you were able to attract a visitor due to your own hard work, and not by paying for their presence. Organic SEO is done both on page and off page and both are part of full online marketing strategies.

Understanding On Page Optimization

On page optimization means that the actual pages on the website are designed in such a way that the search engines can find them, access them and understand them. This is done by using keywords and popular search terms in a such a way that nothing stands in the way of search engine robots from finding it. While a large part of this is down to the content of the website itself, it is also down to coding, including HTML. The goal is to make sure the search engine crawlers are able to determine that your site is relevant to a visitor using terms that your site is optimized for. A simple example would be that if you optimize your site for the word “Labrador puppies”, but you actually sell fish tanks, the bots won’t rank you highly, no matter how well-optimized you are for your keyword.

Understanding Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is all about everything else that you do in order to get your site found. There are lots of external factors that will determine whether or not people can find your website. You must find ways to ensure your site is also on a number of other sources, which means it can be found not just through keyword searches in Google and other search engines, but also through other sources. Doing so the right way means that your site will quickly become more popular, which links back to your on site optimization. Putting your site on the internet through off page optimization can be achieved through:

  • Directory submissions
  • Link building
  • Article submission
  • Article writing
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases

On site optimization is something that you should reasonably be able to do yourself, or at least in part, without having to worry about getting penalized by the search engine. That doesn’t mean you can do it all, however. Off site optimization takes real skills and knowledge and it is vital that you leave this to the professionals.

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