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These days running a successful company means being able to do business whilst on the move by utilizing mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablet computers. Any company owner who does not keep up with the ever-changing world of mobile business is in danger of being left behind.


Apps are the way forward

There are some disadvantages to using mobile devices. They often have less primary memory space available, have a reduced capacity hard drive and slower processors, and a smaller screen on which to view. This is where an app can greatly enhance an online business.

An app not only adds credibility to a business, proving that it is conscious of the way in which 72% of consumers operate, but they streamline the buying process. An app can have a bespoke layout and optimize a user’s experience, thereby enhancing the brand image. An app can also result in fewer clicks or procedures, so a user can achieve what they want more quickly.

But how do you go about developing an app? Is it something that only a specialist can do, or can those on a tight budget try to create one themselves? The Internet is full of do-it-yourself tools for app planning and development, some of them better than others. Most of them will be a WYSIWYG interface, which is an acronym for ‘What you see is what you get’, and these are the ideal choice for the novice who is counting the pennies, as they require practically no technical knowledge or coding.

However, the first step for a company is planning what they want the app to do and which systems they want them to function on – Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, or perhaps all of them. For example, if the company is a shop or store, then the app should include a browsing and purchasing function, product information and FAQs, whereas if the company is offering business services such as insurance, then they may want to include an insurance or emergency support area, a quotation section, a claim generator and a home inventory. All apps should feature a link to the company’s main website.

There is a great deal to consider when planning an app, so it may be more cost effective and result in a better product to hire an expert to create one, or at least get them to check over a plan before embarking on the creation. For those who are budget-conscious, freelancers are always a convenient option, and reputable ones will have a portfolio page on their website showing their work. Ensure that all agreements, such as the Rights and Confidentiality Agreements, are made and agreed upfront to protect both parties.

For those with more money available and for whom an app is going to bring in a lot, if not most, of their business, there are many companies, such as The Mines Press, who can create professional, slick and customized apps which can display a business’ name, logo and color scheme, as well as including all the features which are specific to a particular industry.


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