Migration Services for SAP Applications

SAP data migration is associated with new implementations, upgrades, or change in architecture or platform due to business exigencies such as mergers and acquisition.  While adopting SAP HANA or any other configuration related to change in operating system or database, it becomes imperative to undertake SAP Migration.

Key factors faced by organizations

Some of the key considerations faced by an organization during SAP system migration are the following:

  • How to migrate data on time and within budget.
  • How to take care of data quality issues during migration.
  • How to manage the gaps between available source data and the requirement of target data
  • How to aggregate and consolidate data from multiple sources
  • How to integrate dissimilar data.

Traditionally, SAP has been offering the system copy and migration services enabling creation of consistent copies of the existing SAP systems. Such supports were extended even to copies created non-SAP method. Much later, several migration path options were offered for the migration to SAP HANA.

With the development of SAP certified vendors, the SAP Migration issues have been addressed with   fixed cost migration services, thereby eliminating the major cost overrun challenge. Now the services of Certified SAP migration consultants have become a must for SAP to warrant the migration process.

How migration happens from present server to SAP HANA?

Even for SAP HANA, the process of migration of the database server from existing database server to SAP HANA; is the same process used in migration of database or operating system.  SAP also offers the remote service “SAP OS/DB Migration Check” to support database migrations. The services include guidance during migration planning and hotline support for the SAP tools. Additionally, there is a SAP operating system based for database migration check, which covers all phases of the migration project for reliability and robustness.

No functionality changes are caused to SAP applications due to database server migration. The critical pieces of SAP applications like configuration, customization, connectivity, security, monitoring etc. are left unchanged. After the DB migration, SAP HANA optimization is activated through the switch framework which provides flexibility in optimization, and speeding-up any remaining batch processes.

Such migration is taken up in steps involving assessing requirements and resources; then creating a project plan, getting the infrastructure ready, performing the migration and subsequently validating it. SAP migration services provider enables companies to migrate large volumes of SAP data quickly and accurately. In these days of outsourcing becoming a more popular and cost-effective alternative, SAP migration is best handled by the service providers, who take up end-to-end responsibility and accountability with very little downtime.

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