Should You Seek the Services of an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency (Search Engine Optimization) will make your website more prominent on the web, that is to say that it will be one of the first websites to come up after someone makes a search that is relevant to your website.

The internet is ever evolving along with our understanding of it, those who work for an SEO agency are becoming more and more familiar with how to obtain information about how a search engine will rank and therefore in which order it will display all of the pages it has at its disposal. SEP agencies will then use this information to improve the clients positioning in the list of results.

Conferences on how this works are available all over the US and they will be representatives of all of the major search engine companies in attendance at these conferences. They may also aid you by being available online and will occasionally publish blogs or in forums or groups. Staff at SEO agencies will have tried and tested their theories and hypotheses on the websites to find out what works best. This painstaking process will increase their knowledge and enable them to help your business. They will also have kept up to date with any new findings or knowledge that has been published. One way to do this is as follows not forgetting to record the rankings of your pages at all stages

  • Create a website with a nonsensical title – e.g. just a series of letters.
  • Create multiple pages on the website with equally senseless titles.
  • Make the pages similar to each other but then change one variable at a time in terms of text, formatting, keywords, link, structures etc.
  • Point links at the domain to popular well crawled pages on other domains.
  • Make small alterations and check their impact on the search results, this will help you determine what gives you the best results and pushes a website up on the rankings.
  • Make records of all of the most effective changes and then try them on other domains. Continuous positive results should be noted and used in future.

It is now commonly known that the whether the higher up a link is in the page the better domain position it will gain.

In our test, we started with the hypothesis that a link earlier (higher up) on a page carries more weight than a link lower down on the page. We tested this by creating a nonsense domain with a home page with links to three remote pages that all have the same nonsense word appearing exactly once on the page. After the search engines crawled the pages, we found that the page with the earliest link on the home page ranked first. Search marketers can also apply to the United States Patents and Trademarks Office for patent applications made by the major search engines. Luckily at this stage of the game a lot of the work has been done and published on the internet or in SEO manuals. Therefore, it is now more of a question of learning about what is out there and keeping up to date with it.





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