Three Things to Think About Before Starting a Website

The Internet is not really a secret. Thousands upon thousands of websites are frequented every single day by millions of visitors; however, there are also thousands of sites that go largely unseen. While a lot of factors come into play on the popularity of a website, one of the most basic elements of the site has a tremendous impact on its exposure and popularity. The domain is perhaps the most fundamental part of any digital foray, and there are several thought processes to consider before deciding to buy a domain name.


It is fairly easy for users to fall into the trap of thinking every website ends in the popular .com extension. Of course, .net, .org, .guru, .city, and many more extensions are also available for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Not only can choosing an alternate extension save a company money instead of going with the .com, but a different extension can a much more appealing nature to the site. In short, taking a hard look at what extensions are available and what phrases or words work with them can have a huge impact on how memorable the site is and how often visitors frequent it.

SEO & Marketing

Search engine optimization and marketing are both important parts of any Internet related business venture. The domain is likely to appear on search engine results screens and any type of promotional material associated with the company, which makes selecting a proper and accurate domain that much more important. From an SEO standpoint, owners need to be certain that the keywords that will be used in posts or on pages do not clash or over-saturate with the domain. Basically, the domain name should help the site out and not work against it with each and every Internet search.

Business Fit

Along the lines of completing the organization, the name of the site and the domain name should work together. While these are more commonly identical terms, owners should be aware that they could in fact be different. However, it is also important that the domain give readers an idea of what the site is about. A simple cursory glance at the domain should reveal enough about the site to appeal to the average reader. In short, avoiding confusing terminology is nearly always the best path forward. Not only will visitors remember the page, but they will also be able to share it much easier.

In the end, before a domain gets purchased there are a lot of issues that need to be considered. Search engine optimization and other marketing tasks, the fit of the name to the business, and the proper extension are just a few of the ideas that potential website owners need to keep in mind. The Internet can be a powerful money making tool that drives information to millions of different users. That kind of impact and potential payoff dictates at least a pause before making that all important purchase.

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