Why Are Developers Choosing Android over IOS. I Shifted Because of Number 3

With the sudden increase in the number of Smartphone users, there is an equally increasing demand for software and application development. These applications set one device apart from another because they cater the specific needs of the users. Among several mobile platforms, we are aware that the top two competing app providers are Android and IOS.


By Jeremy Keith (Flickr: Device pile) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

From previous studies, it was found that IOS developers earn bigger revenues per download but regardless of this simple fact, a wave of developers is choosing Android over its competitor. Do you want to know why? Below are some of the reasons why Android seems to be a better platform than IOS.

  1. A relatively bigger market share

Although Apple’s devices have been renowned worldwide for ingenuity and innovation, there are several parts of the world where users prefer Android gadgets. Because of the varying prices among a wide range of smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices that carry Android, the market of this mobile platform has continuously been competitive. Asian countries, including a fair number of Chinese Smartphone users, prefer Android-based devices over IOS.

Given that Apple developers earn a better percentage from every download, with 52% of Google account holders, there is no denying that what you have created has the best possibility of earning more revenues with Android.

  1. Less demanding set of standards

Because of Apple’s terms and conditions, there are certain limits to publishing an app. With Android, there is flexibility since it is an open source, allowing developers to use published data in their creating their applications. Aside from this, the accessibility of Java software as a medium in coding the programs makes every developer shift from the more complicated Objective C, IOS’ coding software.

After coding, there is another set of limiting rules before you can publish your apps. The process of being approved can take up to a month and the possible rejection is higher. This set of standards imposed by Apple makes it too difficult for developers to create, program and publish an application which makes Android a better working place. There is little chance of rejection when you publish an application in Google Play and the process will just be in about a day.

  1. Offers a great start for beginners

Because of Apple’s exclusivity, starters usually find it hard to develop an app if they have to purchase a Mac and pay a whopping $99 to create an account. Developers who are paving their way in the sea of tech geeks and business tycoons find it hard to swim in the same current if they are expected to slash their pockets until it bleeds. Android developers, however, can work with any device with Windows, Linux and even IOS software. For just a quarter of a hundred, they can start posting the apps they created in Google Play.

  1. Better Product Analytics

Google Play provides developers with important digits regarding their apps’ market standing. The number of downloads, installs and uninstalls plus the demographic information of every user are well-provided. This is an advantage they have over the App Store because it gives awareness to the software developer about his competition, market share and users.

The significant shift that started with users has given Android developers an advantage. Apart from the continuous increase in demand for mobile applications in productivity and education, gaming developers have been in constant demand after the revolutionary tablet devices entered the market. The demand for ipad bingo apps, simulation games, and kid-friendly activities have skyrocketed, especially when Android has entered the scene. Because of this, a surge of developers prefers to start with Android and those weathered by time have considered moving to a new platform as well.


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